Northwest European

1990 Honda RC30


  • Homologation Special

  • Hand built by dedicated team

  • One of just 300 produced for US market

  • Includes factory tool roll and owner's manual



  • Engine – 750cc, 4 cylinder

  • Gearbox – 6 speed manual

  • Drivetrain - RWD

  • Price - SOLD


Arguably, one of the most iconic modern motorcycles – as close to a real factory racer as possible. The RC30 (aka VFR750R) was built as a homologation special by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC). Originally offered at twice the cost of a VFR750, these were a no compromise design by Honda with the goal of World Superbike competition.

Each RC30 was hand assembled at HRC by a dedicated team. The TIG welds on the frame are lovely to look at; the dedicated craftsmanship is evident throughout. From the magnificent finish of all the HRC parts, to the sound of a factory balanced and blueprinted engine, make no mistake this is a special bike.

While the RC30 has a slightly heavier gauge aluminum frame than the VFR750, the RC30 still tips the scales 77 pounds lighter. On the engine side, the connecting rods are titanium, and the high flow heads use bucket tappets instead of rocker arms, all with a view to lightening the reciprocating weight in the engine.

At the rear you will find a single sidearm, for quick trackside tire changes, as well as an adjustable Showa damper. Up front, where the Showa shocks and forks are fully adjustable, this continues to be a street legal factory race bike. The gearbox is pure racetrack with a very tall 1st gear. The RC30, remains to this day, as close to a real factory racer as possible.

Only 300 of these USA market RC30s were ever built and are appreciated by a discerning group of enthusiasts and collectors. This bike would make an excellent addition to any garage or collection. Showing 17k miles from new, this RC30 remains unmolested, and includes the factory canvas tool roll as well as the original owner’s manual.