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Changing of the Seasons...

Changing of the Seasons...

As we near October, the crisp air and changing colors signify one thing here in the Pacific Northwest - time to squeeze in the last drives of the dry season! Make the time to get something out of the garage and put some miles on it this weekend.

Amazing how time flies -- Monterey Car Week was six weeks ago. It was a wonderful week as always, and so much fun to catch up with many of you in person. Since then, we've been acquiring French, Italian, German, and American vehicles...updates soon to the site as these become market ready.

Things have been busy with cars moving in and out of inventory, and many of you have asked for the Monterey 2016 pictures. I carved out time this week, and have selected a few hundred (from the 2,500 I took!) to edit and post. You can see those here - Selection of Monterey 2016 Pictures.

Market Thoughts -- It has been an interesting time following the Monterey auctions and events. I've seen some downward pressure on certain areas, and upward on others. Give me a call if you want to discuss, I love discussing this topic with you.

I'm always on the hunt for quality cars, please give me a call if you have one, or a friend that might. I've met three wonderful new friends this month through your referrals, and to that I am very thankful.

Warm Regards,
Jason Harris

Cars In Our Network

Here is a list of cars recently uncovered in our network that are looking for a new home. Give me a call or drop me a note to discuss.

  • 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo, Silver/Black, fresh major service
  • 1966 Corvette 427/425 Roadster, 89K original miles
  • 2014 Porsche Turbo, properly optioned, 6K miles

Cars We Are Seeking

Here is a list of cars we are actively seeking for clients:

  • Porche 911 Outlaw or Hot Rod - long hood only, backdate acceptable
  • 1990-94 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (964 C2) Coupe with Manual Transmission
  • BMW 2002 tii, or 2002 Turbo - Desire higher end examples
Jason Harris