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You need a GT2 in your garage...

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New Arrival - 2008 Porsche GT2

Yep, you saw that correctly in the image above - just 2,400 miles. This GT2 is like new in all aspects, and ready for any discerning collector or enthusiast. Full of tasteful Porsche Exclusive options, this car is a treat for the visual and aural senses.

The last decade of automotive competition and engineering has left us with a long list of great cars for drivers to enjoy and collect. The GT2 was an incredibly focused product from Porsche in 2008. The previous 996 based GT2 had earned the old moniker “widowmaker” due to the snap oversteer it could exhibit at the limit. The 997 chassis eliminated this, plus added back in traction control and electronic stability (both defeatable). Featuring 530hp, the GT2 could reach 60mph in 3.6 seconds, and on to a top speed of 204mph.

Porsche shaved 320 pounds of weight from the Turbo on which the car is based on. RWD only, limited insulation throughout, carbon fiber bucket seats, and carbon ceramic brakes with lighter aluminum hats all play a part in the weight savings program. The final product comes in at 3,175 pounds.

With less than 200 of these 997 chassis GT2s sold in the United States, you are guaranteed a seat at an exclusive table. This two-owner Porsche GT2 is currently showing a touch over 2,400 miles and is ready to be added to any collection in the world. Or channel your inner Walter Röhrl and see if you can lap the Nurburgring in less than 7 minutes 32 seconds as he did in a stock 2008 GT2 (on a public day!).

You can see pictures and full details here 2008 Porsche GT2

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