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Looking To Win Another Championship?

Whether you are looking for the ultimate track day toy with your friends, or a turnkey entry to competitive racing with a Championship winning car, this GT3 Cup Car is for you. With RSR body upgrades, and a fresh 4.0L motor (upgraded from stock 3.8L), this Cup Car is a no holds barred weapons grade track machine. 

This car won the 2014 NASA Western National Championship in ST-1 with Craig Ames as the driver. Mr. Ames went on to win and/or compete at multiple events in 2013, 2014, and 2015, including Rennsport Reunion V. After acquiring the car, the current owner did a major refresh of the engine, clutch, brakes, suspension, and campaigned the car at PCA club days in the Northwest Region in 2016.

Sporting a fresh exterior grey/red wrap over the original Porsche Motorsports white body panels, and extended RSR/R body upgrades, this championship winning Cup Car is ready for your next event.

You can see pictures and full details here - 2009 Porsche GT3 Cup Car

Jason Harris