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The Most Interesting Triumph In the World....No, Really.

New Arrival - Triumph TR4 with 480hp

Yeah, you read that line above correctly.  Why put a 6.6L, dry sump, LS2 based motor in a Triumph TR4?  Why not?

Since the first V8 implant (there have been three), the car has accumulated 105K miles in road, track, and development miles. When things broke, they were replaced with better and stronger components. Engine, clutch, transmission, rear end, brakes, suspension, body modifications -- all have evolved to the current state over the last two decades under one fastidious owner.

The build list reads as you would expect, all the right names and components. Plus you know that they are the final evolution of a process, and they are proven in this set-up. You cannot truly appreciate this car until you drive it, and even then, it takes some good seat time to fully understand it.

If you've read this far, let's admit you are intrigued -- click on the link or the photos above and learn all about this one.

You can see pictures and full details here 1963 Triumph TR4 Roadster

Please give me a call today on this unique hot rod Triumph.

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Jason Harris
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Jason Harris