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New Inventory - 1992 Porsche 968, Excellent Example

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New Inventory - 1992 Porsche 968

Maybe you have been 968 shopping and waiting for a good example to show up on the market. Maybe you did not know you should be 968 shopping, but you are now intrigued! Either way, this example is one to be strongly considered. Cosmetically this may be the nicest 968/944/924 variant I have seen in some time, and this car checks a lot of boxes. Usable, tasteful, and a modern collectible ready to be added to your garage today.

The Porsche 968 was the continuation of the original Porsche 924/944 model line. It was a replacement for the outgoing 944, and was the car that carried the 4 cylinder “affordable” Porsche mantle forward for the marque. Over four models years (92-95) of the Porsche 968, less than 4,700 cars came to the United states, and half of those were coupes.

While largely based on the 944, the overall design was fresh looking and pointed at the upcoming 993 design that would debut shortly. The Porsche 968 welcomed the first use of the 6-speed transmission on this platform, as well as VarioCam – Porsche’s variable intake camshaft control. Featuring the large displacement 3.0L 4 cylinder, the 968 is an engaging drive still to this day.

Full set of photos and all the details here - 1992 Porsche 968 - and be sure to check out the vintage 1992 Motorweek 968 video review linked from there as well!

Give me a call today to talk Porsches - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jason Harris