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We Have A Love Affair Here - 1995 Ford Escort Cosworth RS

1995 Ford Escort Cosworth - Petrol Blue-77.jpg

New Inventory: 1995 Ford Escort Cosworth RS - Petrol Blue

This one has been hard for me to keep a secret - I try to keep to my rule of offering cars first to all of you here on the mailing list. I've wanted to tease pictures of this on Instagram and Facebook (you do follow us on both right?). I restrained myself to only one sneak peek in the last few months on this car while we have been prepping it as a back burner project.

Here she is with the curtain pulled back - 19k miles and one USA owner from 1996. Fresh full service - timing belt, water pump, all fluids, new tires, refinished wheels, new battery. Rare color of Petrol Blue. I could go on and on as most of you know I am an enthusiast of these cars and have owned my personal one for almost 10 years now.

This Petrol Blue example is available now for inspection and purchase in Issaquah, WA. You can see a full set of photos and all details here - 1995 Ford Escort Cosworth RS

Give me a call today to talk rally homologation specials - I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Jason Harris

Jason Harris