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Satanic Details - 1929 Ford Coupe

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This 1929 Ford comes from the estate of the late Bruce Leven. Arguably best known in the car community for his Porsche racing history, both as a driver and as a team owner. Most notably was his successful Bayside Disposal Racing Team that competed with Porsche 935s and 962s from the late 1970s through 1990. The love Bruce had for cars never wavered, and he enjoyed creating some of the most amazing hot rods in his later years to add to his wide-ranging collection.

Jeff Eischen is another well-known name in the hot rod community. He has built some very influential cars at the top level of the industry, all from his home garage, and while being “retired.” Bruce and Jeff knew each other from endurance racing back in the 1980s, and Bruce called him up one day to talk about a potential project. As the details came together, something very unique began to take shape.

Ultimately the car is Eischen’s design and continued vision in his series of hot rods, but there is heavy influence from Leven and his racing background. From the one-off magnesium wheels, to the double bubble roof and race style fuel filler, the racing ethos is woven subtly into the car.

The satanic details on the car are what leave you staring at it for longer than you planned when you come across it. The creative genius behind it, and the mixture of Leven and Eischen individual visions in the car is wonderful, creating one of the most unique hot rods we have had the pleasure to see in person.

This very special hot rod is available now for inspection and purchase in Issaquah, WA. You can see a full set of photos and all details here - 1929 Ford Coupe

Please give me a call to talk about this car, or anything else inventory - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jason Harris

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