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Poster Child - 1988 Ferrari Testarossa

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New Arrival - 1988 Ferrari Testarossa

Launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1984, the Ferrari Testarossa brought 12 cylinders and arguably the most iconic design to the battle for supercar supremacy in the 1980s. The Testarossa competed in the global marketplace against the Lamborghini Countach and Porsche 930, and if you did not have a poster of at least one of these on your wall, then your 1980s decade was lacking.

The Testarossa was a true modern pop culture icon with appearances in movies, arcade games, and of course the Miami Vice exposure that everyone knows. The styling, by Pininfarina, was bold and controversial at the time. It has aged well to cement its place in automotive design as one of the influential knock outs of the era.

The car drives extremely well – the best of any Testarossa that we have personally sampled here. Car fires right up, shifts smoothly, A/C blows ice cold, no slowness in power windows, and the automatic seat belts work smoothly. Overall, a very “on the button” car that has received care and attention over its life.

This highly original, well maintained (belt service May 2019), early 1988 Ferrari Testarossa is offered with its complete tool roll, jack, center lock wrench and hammer, all books, and fresh major maintenance. The car currently has no needs and is ready for a new owner and many more years of enjoyment.

This 1988 Ferrari Testarossa is available now for inspection and purchase in Issaquah, WA. You can see a full set of photos and all details here - 1988 Ferrari Testarossa

Also, check out the period Motor Trend video at the link above, and then tell me you honestly don't want one. Come on, it's so good!

Please give me a call to talk about this car, or anything else inventory - I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Jason Harris

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