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9,000 RPM Goodness - 2015 Porsche GT3

2015 Porsche GT3 - GT Silver-3.jpg

New Arrival - 2015 Porsche GT3

When Porsche continued the GT3 theme into the 991 chassis, they perfected a recipe long in the making. A GT3 is a special treat in the Porsche world, as it is an extremely honed platform – the scalpel versus hammer argument is valid here.

Presented in factory GT Silver Metallic over Black Leather and Alcantara, this 991 chassis GT3 is an exceptional driver’s car. This specific example has been owned by a fastidious client of ours, and he is ready to let this one move along. Original paint, clear paint wrap, and only 7,400 miles.

The engine – It would be easy to wax poetically about the engine, and rightfully so. The 3.8L engine is sublime in terms of dynamics, lightweight drivetrain, and ability to rip off 9,000 RPM redline shifts day in and day out. Once you go for a drive, you really don’t want to come back home.

This Porsche GT3 is available now for inspection and purchase in Issaquah, WA. You can see a full set of photos and all details here - 2015 Porsche GT3

Please give me a call to talk about this car, or anything else inventory - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jason Harris

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Jason Harris