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Need a car for the eclipse party tomorrow? Saturn Yellow is the only way to arrive.

1973 Porsche 914-1.jpg

New Arrival - 1973 Porsche 914 2.0

This car grows on me every day it is here. The Saturn Yellow paint is bright and unique, a true vibe from the 1970s. This is one of the best driving 914s I have ever sampled -- engine, brakes, transmission, suspension -- everything is dialed in.

Paint is done to a high standard, engine and transmission are fresh, and the car has only had two owners. Did I mention the seats? I'll just let you click on the link to see that goodness...

In my opinion, these Porsche 914s are coming into their own in the world over the last five to seven years. The market has already acknowledged that for "-6" cars. I equate these 914s to the BMW 2002s and Alfa GTVs of the era - they are not making them anymore and it is getting difficult to find the truly great ones out there.

You can see pictures and full details here 1973 Porsche 914

Please give me a call today to talk about this classic Porsche, or any other car in our inventory.

Warm Regards,
Jason Harris
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