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You need an LS9 powered Tahoe in your life

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Why We Love This Truck

Total sleeper that is overbuilt. Starting with a one owner 33K mile truck, everything is still fresh and new throughout. With the swap properly handled by top shops, it oozes quality and details in person. We absolutely fell in love with this truck and have done 300 miles in it since it arrived here. A friend asked why the rear tires had some tread block feathering – we hopped back in to show them why. 

  • You want to do a 200-foot burnout at every stop light?  Ok, no problem. 
  • You want to sit in traffic for an hour with front and rear A/C blowing cold?  Ok, no problem.
  • You want to tow your ski boat to the lake?  Ok, no problem.
  • You want to surprise all the Mustangs in town?  Ok, no problem.
  • You want to run errands all around town – Costco, Post Office, Home Depot, Starbucks, Post Office again, Taco Time drive thru, more traffic, and back to the shop?  Ok, but can we do another burnout first?  Ok, then no problem.

You can put this Tahoe in “D” and just mash the pedal any time you want.  It just hooks and goes. Need a little chirp to let those around you know you are here?  Mash the pedal. Want to do a burnout (is there a theme here?) – just give it a little brake and half throttle and then let her go. So wonderfully overbuilt, you are unlikely to break it.

The truck will literally sit in traffic for hours and never break a sweat. This alone is an aspect of the truck we love. It is so damn tough, it just does not care. And as our good friend said – “There’s nothing kinky about it.” It just starts, runs, and drives the way you would expect if the factory built a hot rod like this.

Offered now with a clean CarFax, clear title, and a stack of invoices, this truck needs nothing. Please come pick it up and lay down some rubber on the way out of our parking lot. Then go tow your ski boat to the lake for the afternoon, haul it home in traffic, and maybe the occasional burnout with the full family on board. 

All details here - 1998 LS9 Tahoe

Please call Jason at 206-355-7727 for more information on this LS9 swapped Tahoe for sale.